Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park is a cherished community asset with a rich history and a plethora of amenities that cater to various interests. Established for the benefit of the Woodhall Spa populace, the park was the brainchild of Lady Weigall. She played a pivotal role in its creation, alongside developing the nearby Petwood, which is now a renowned hotel. The park opened its doors in 1935, with Princess Marie Louise officiating the inauguration. It was originally named ‘The Royal Jubilee Park’ to commemorate the Jubilee of King George V​​​​.

Spread over 10 acres, Jubilee Park is not just a space for relaxation but also a hub for recreational activities. It boasts ornamental gardens, a bandstand, and highly-rated camping and caravan facilities. For children, the park offers a dedicated play area and a sensory garden. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of facilities including a bowling green, croquet lawns, a cricket pitch, and a tennis club. The park is further enhanced by a café, providing a perfect spot for visitors to unwind and socialize​​.

One of the main attractions of Jubilee Park is its heated outdoor swimming pool, which becomes a focal point of activity, especially during the summer months. This pool not only provides a refreshing escape from the heat but also serves as a social gathering place for both locals and tourists​​. Additionally, the park is equipped with a range of amenities that cater to diverse interests. It features a children’s playground, picnic area, putting course, and tennis courts, making it an ideal destination for family outings and leisure activities​​.

Over the years, Jubilee Park has evolved from being a leisure spot for guests of the early Petwood Hotel to a beloved community park. Its transformation and sustained popularity highlight its significance in the local community and its role as a center for recreation and social gatherings​​. This multifaceted park not only preserves its historical roots but also continues to adapt and offer a variety of experiences, making it a cherished landmark in Woodhall Spa.

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